Ivo Soljan

Department of English

Language and Literature

224 Lake Huron Hall
(616) 331-3477

Ivo Soljan

ENG 105 Literatures in English
ENG 204 World Mythology
ENG 212 Introduction to Shakespeare
ENG 220 British Literature I
ENG 221 British Literature II
ENG 313 British Literature: Shakespeare

Research Interests

Recent Publications
Introduction (“Lament, Struggle, Hope, and Joy: Croatian Poetry in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” to an anthology of Croatian poetry in English (translation: Vladimir Bubrin), Outskirts Press Book Publishing, Denver, CO, 2009, 28 pp.

Four articles on Philip Larkin’s poetry, in The Companion to Modern English Poetry, eds. R. Watson and J. Persoon, 2009.

 “God’s Mystery Goes Beyond The Da Vinci Code – an article dealing with Dan Brown’s controversial novel (Grand Rapids Press –Sunday Essay, May 28, 2006).

Twelve poems (in English and Croatian) published in the book/anthology of immigrant poetry,My Song – The Lighthouse of Life, New York, 2007.

“Introduction” and critical commentary for The Fourth Anthology of Croatian Immigrant Poetry, New York, 2004/2005.

“On the Fields of Mars: Visions of War and History in the Work of Andrija Kacic Miosic” – a paper presented at the Croatian Academy of America 2004 Symposium, Toronto, Nov. 27, 2004, and published in English and Croatian in 2008.

B.A., Sarajevo University
M. Philosophy, Nottingham, England
Ph.D., Belgrade University