School of Engineering

Undergrad Programs (B.S.E.)

A Unique Perspective

All entering students study together in a common sequence of engineering classes.  Unlike most programs, our students are not divided among academic departments.  Thus, all students learn the basics of engineering, a requirement of immediate industrial success. 

Students share a common engineering curriculum prior to the last two years of study.  During the last two years, students develop particular expertise in an emphasis area.  The senior capstone experience brings the students together again into interdisciplinary teams.  Each team conducts a design-and-build project under the guidance of both faculty and an industry sponsor.  View some recent projects here.

Freshmen Students "Do" Engineering

All entering freshmen enroll in engineering courses that include significant lab experiences.  All students participate in designing and building products.  Students gather and analyze data to validate and improve products, processes that build products, and operations that make required product quantities economically.

From the Classroom and Laboratory to the Workplace

All undergraduate students participate in a three-semester co-op work experience.  What is learned in the classroom is applied in the workplace under the direction of experienced professionals.  Faculty monitor the co-op experience of each student individually each semester. 

Thus, engineering students graduate with an undergraduate degree plus one year's paid work experience.

Where Are the Engineers?

Engineering courses are primarily taught in the dynamic urban atmosphere of the Pew Campus in Grand Rapids. A few preparatory engineering courses are taught in the traditional setting provided on the Allendale Campus. Mathematics, science, and general education courses are generally available on either campus.

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