School of Engineering

Policy & Procedure on Supervision of Students Working in Labs

Whoever turns power on in a School of Engineering lab is thereby responsible for the safety of the engineering students working in that lab. Student safety responsibility can be verbally transferred between faculty and staff during normal business hours of 8 AM to 5 PM.
The keyed lab power control switches are an integral part of the School’s safety program and are used provide an additional level of insurance of safety for students using any School of Engineering building.
The managerial responsibility of lab power is a shared decision between School of Engineering faculty and laboratory supervisors. Unless otherwise directed, Laboratory Supervisors will secure power to labs at approximately 5 PM, Monday through Friday, during academic semesters.
Should faculty have the need to keep power on in labs beyond 5 PM daily, or during weekends, arrangements must be made with the appropriate building Laboratory Supervisor. Depending on the function of the lab and safety issues involved inside a lab, card access may, or may not, be granted to students during after hour times that power is left on in the lab. That decision should be made jointly by the faculty user and the building Lab Supervisor. Should the building Lab Supervisor have the student worker manpower, it is possible for power to be left on in labs during evening hours, with a supervisor present.
The two persons in each lab rule applies at all times, regardless of time of day, lab power on or off, building supervised or not.

Page last modified January 21, 2011