School of Engineering

Co-op Forms

Student Forms

Student Co-op Semester Evaluation

Students complete this evaluation form each co-op semester to provide feedback regarding the co-op experience.

Secondary Admit Application

Students must complete this form in order to have their credentials reviewed for secondary admissions as an engineering major.  Secondary admission is required prior to taking any upper division engineering courses (300 and 400 level courses), and prior to beginning the first co-op semester.
Co-op Confirmation

Students complete this form prior to beginning each co-op semester to confirm the co-op site including supervisor contact information.

Experience Matters

This website consists of brief  profiles of experiences from past co-op students. Co-op students are required to complete a profile upon  completion of each co-op semester.

Employer Forms

Practice Interview Form

Employers interested in participating in the practice interview program in the fall semester during the Co-op Prep Class, can fill out this form and sign up to help interview 'pre' co-op students. This is an  opportunity to help students practice their interviewing skills, while employers get first contact with that year's co-op students.

Co-op Interest Form

Employers interested in hiring a co-op student during the coming year can fill out this form to outline the background and skills desired in a student, and the time frame when a co-op student is desired.  This will generate a contact from GVSU Career Services along with resumes of qualified students.

Employer Co-op Semester Evaluation

Employers complete this evaluation form each co-op semester to provide feedback regarding the student and the co-op experience.


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