School of Engineering

Program Overviews

Courses are typically offered in three-hour sessions, one night a week, Monday through Thursday. Some courses are offered in the late afternoon twice per week and some are offered on Saturday. All classes are offered on the Pew campus in down­town Grand Rapids.

The graduate program requires a minimum of 33 credit hours, usually 11 classes. Classes are available in each of three academic semesters. The typical amount of calendar time to complete the MSE program is shown in the following table. The actual amount of time is unique to each student.

Type of Student

 Typical Calendar Time to Complete Program

Full time

 20 months
(late August of Year 1 through April of Year 2)

 Part time
 (2 courses per semester)

24 months (2 calendar years)

 Part time
 (1 course per semester)

44 months (3 years and 8 months)


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