Steve Taylor


I recently joined the GVSU master’s program and am on the articulated master’s track working towards a B.S.E. and M.S.E. in Electrical and Computer Engineering.  As a GA, I work for Ron Grew and Dr. Choudhuri designing the graduate engineering website.  I also work as a lab assistant helping students with any issues they have while working on projects.

Working on the graduate site has challenged me to be more creative while familiarizing myself with web development.  I’ve recently become very interested in the software side of computer engineering and my GA position has given me the opportunity to dabble in this area of interest.  I have considered entrepreneurship and consulting as possible careers after I complete my degree, and learning web development will allow me to better market myself and any business with which I am someday involved.

The generous financial aid the GA program offers has allowed me to continue my education.  Also, my position allows me to work closely with the engineering faculty and staff.  As I prepare for my master’s thesis, I can use the relationships that I’ve built because of the position to better determine what I will research.

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Page last modified March 5, 2015