Md Nahid Pervez

I joined Grand Valley State University (GVSU) in fall 2011 to pursue my Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in February 2011. I am working as a Graduate Assistant (GA) on the ‘Lake Michigan Offshore Wind Assessment’ project under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Mehmet Sozen and Prof. Dr. M. M. Azizur Rahman.

The current energy scenario and environmental condition of the world indicates that the need for alternative, clean and renewable energy sources is getting real rather than just a mere speculation. Being influenced by that fact, I was enthusiastic to work in a project that could have a great impact on the future energy status and as well as on environment. I got a great opportunity to work in such a project in GVSU. As a GA on the ‘Lake Michigan Offshore Wind Assessment Project’ I am developing a software tool using MATLAB to predict how much energy can be harnessed from a specific location based on the statistical wind data available for that location. The software tool will have a dynamic response model to analyze the currently available utility scale wind turbines to assess the wind energy that can be extracted from that specific location by each turbine.

While working on such a grand scale project, guided by venerated professors, I am gaining invaluable experiences in computational work, mathematical modeling and algorithm development. I deeply believe these experiences will help me to work in the professional field as an engineer. This expertise will be helpful for my further studies as well.

Grand Valley State University offers a substantial financial aid for a Graduate Assistant position. This generous offer helped me through my educational expenses of my Master’s degree. The research experience and guidance provided by the faculty members involved in the project will be very helpful for my career as an engineer or as a researcher.

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