Geoff Miller

Geoff Miller graduated with a M.S.E. in manufacturing operations from Grand Valley in 2010.  He is currently the Vice President of Operations at Grand Rapids Chair and works to build the platform for the sustainable, strategically-planned, and profitable corporate growth expectations.  At Grand Rapids Chair, Geoff led a team that analyzed a complex supply chain which resulted in a net annual savings of over 35%.  While working on his master’s between 2007 and 2009, Geoff implemented a quality management and improvement process that reduced the cost of customer returns and replacements by over 57%.  During his time at GVSU Geoff collaborated with the faculty and was published on three occasions.  When asked to give his testimonial Geoff responded:  

During my first semester as a graduate student, I heard Dr Charles Standridge state "Solving problems is easy, finding and developing the problem for solution is the difficult part". It was several years later that I finally understood what he intended to convey! Engineering science is not about solutions, it is much more. Engineering is exploration, teamwork, analysis, mathematics, heuristics and more. Through interactions with other students and professors, rigorous coursework and examinations, and the constant challenges that the science of engineering presents, I was able to develop my own problem-solving skills. The skills have allowed me to become a competent manager in a successful manufacturing organization, and, with God's blessings, continued success in my professional endeavors!


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