Dan Hoovler

I graduated from GVSU in 2005 with a BS in mechanical engineering. Following graduation I worked for Perceptron, Inc. as a project engineer. My primary responsibilities included installation, and on-sight management of laser vision dimensional inspection systems in various automotive manufacturing facilities throughout North America and Europe. My customers included Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Toyota and Audi. In 2008 I resigned from Perceptron in favor of continuing education.

Since my departure from full-time employment I have completed all but one credit of a Juris Doctorate at Michigan State University College of Law and one semester as a graduate assistant (GA) studying electrical engineering. My GA responsibilities have been primarily related to tutoring freshmen engineering students in CAD/CAM, statistics, and technical writing – structure and mechanics. My supervisor for the Winter 2012 semester is Chris Plouff.

Aside from the consistent tests of my patience, the various tasks related to tutoring freshmen engineering students have provided some unforeseen benefits. I have learned that I enjoy teaching and tutoring students, and if my planned career in patent prosecution is not suitable, I may consider becoming an engineering or law professor. Teaching may not be the most lucrative career, but there are rewards and aspects of teaching that cannot be converted to monetary values.

Throughout my various endeavors, during my attendance and otherwise, the engineering school at GVSU has been extremely supportive. I have not only been granted access to the various facilities for my own use, I have also been given counsel, recommendations, and numerous networking contacts. My experience with the engineering program has guided me to cultivate my education and career. I am grateful for the opportunity to be studying here again as a GA.

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