Bryan Leslie

Bryan graduated from GVSU’s graduate engineering program with a MSE in Manufacturing Operations.  He is currently the Manufacturing Engineering Manager at Clyde Union Pumps in Battle Creek, MI.  While at Grand Valley, he worked on projects such as the analysis of the current standard times database and methods for improvement.  Bryan collaborated with Clyde Union Pumps to model and improve the machine shop fork truck traffic.  Bryan also had the opportunity to work with a student from Kendall College of Art and Design to develop a proof of concept for a clothes sanitizer.

At Clyde Union, Bryan works to improve the manufacturing operations.  He implements 5S and Kaizen leadership techniques to continuously develop more efficient operations at Clyde Union.  As a Six Sigma Green Belt, Bryan is focused on green manufacturing. With his master’s degree he brings work issues into an academic field to analyze them from a different perspective.

When asked about his experience with GVSU’s graduate engineering program, Bryan responded:

Grand Valley has shown itself to be a student centered experience through knowledgeable and helpful faculty as well as a rewarding curriculum.  One semester that stands out involved working with an undergraduate senior design student at Kendall Art College. We had a team of four engineers to help his industrial design project become a reality. This project helped me learn to work with people from non-technical backgrounds and appreciate what they can bring to the team. It also taught me how critical clear project scope, delegation and accountability are to the success of a project.

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