Austin Filush

Grand Valley Graduate Experience: I have had a rather unique graduate experience at GVSU.  I’m doing the articulated master’s program, so I’m working towards my graduate degree in conjunction with my undergrad.  I will receive both degrees at the same time in May of 2012. It is a really great opportunity for me, and I have enjoyed the experience and opportunity I was given to join this program.  I enjoy the student-faculty collaboration areas which make working with the professors very convenient .  As for the classes, GVSU has the option to take independent study classes which have allowed me to explore, in depth, very specific topics.

Practicum: I’m doing my practicum at the Amway global headquarters in Ada.  I’m an intern in the manufacturing maintenance department.  My main job has been to bridge the gaps between the different maintenance crews.  Some crews are using paper documentation where as others are using electronic.  It has been a challenge to make effective preventative maintenance procedures when half of the data is not available electronically.  I provide training to the craftsman on entering information into an electronic database and then utilize that data to create validation procedures so that every manufacturing line is validated and maintained properly.

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