Anderson Peck

The Biomedical Engineering masters program has given me the opportunity to apply engineering methodologies in the medical field. Though the medical field is mature from a biological and chemical standpoint, it is relatively young from an engineering point of view. This gives engineers the opportunity to make a significant impact in the hugely diverse medical field.

I have been very lucky to find an internship at the Van Andel Institute’s Small Animal Imaging Facility. I’m able to apply knowledge from my biomedical imaging and image processing coursework directly to current cutting edge research. My responsibilities include running the microSPECT/CT scanner and developing software to analyze the 3D images it produces.

Through GVSU and VAI I’ve also been given the chance to travel to national and international conferences where I’m able to learn from and collaborate with leading researchers. When I entered the program at GVSU I already had an interest in biomedical imaging and it has given me a great point of entry into the field.

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