Welcome to the Graduate Engineering Program at GVSU!


Introducing the Industry-sponsored Graduate Assistant (IGA) program from Grand Valley State University: A Partnership among GVSU, Graduate Students, and Industry.

Developing industry-focused engineering talent and leadership for global engineering partners.


Offering a world of engaging opportunities for dynamic students. Like you!


Providing a world of financially-viable recruitment opportunities for enterprising companies. Like yours!



Graduate Students:

  • Earn your Master of Science in Engineering (M.S.E.) from one of the premier applied engineering programs in the U.S.
  • Receive a full tuition waiver and living assistantship through a sponsoring company
  • Gain integrated practical engineering experience and knowledge at a multi-national partner corporation interested in hiring full-time employees at home and abroad


Partner Companies:

  • Set up a feeder system of U.S.-credentialed engineers for your domestic and international presence
  • Support GVSU's Master of Engineering Program to develop engineers who will provide value to your operations
  • Enhance management of your domestic and international human-resource needs to meet your strategic technological objectives


Grand Valley is working with local West Michigan companies to sponsor graduate engineering students. Similar to a typical graduate assistantship, the Industry-sponsored Graduate Assistant (IGA) program involves students in engineering activities in exchange for financial assistance. In the IGA program, however, the engineering activities take place at the site of a sponsoring engineering company. Graduate students and partner companies will benefit. Read more about this unique program here.


Why Grand Valley?

Grand Valley's engineering master's program is a design oriented program that is closely integrated with local West Michigan businesses and is taught in outstanding state-of-the-art facilities.  While research is a key component to the graduate students' education at GVSU, emphasis is also placed on practical experience directly related to current engineering trends.

Grand Valley's M.S.E. program is currently home to over 60 graduate students and offers an outstanding education in 5 emphasis areas.  The faculty of the engineering school have a diverse background in research including alternative energy, biomedical, transportation, product and process development, integrated circuits, power systems, and nano technology. Because of Grand Valley's large undergraduate program, the master's program offers all the resources of a large school while maintaining a personal one to one feel.

Grand Valley's engineering program offers two excellent opportunities to fund your master's degree.  The Graduate Assistant program provides students the opportunity to work in the school assisting with projects and research directly related to their focus area.  The Industry-sponsored Graduate Assistant program takes a unique spin on the graduate assistantship.  The IGA student is involved in engineering activities at the site of a local West Michigan company in a field of interest, and, in return, the company sponsors the student.

Grand Valley's engineering school is located in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, the second largest city in Michigan. This city is situated in West Michigan, near Chicago and the spectacular beaches of Lake Michigan, in a region that possesses a thriving industrial economy. From the Art Prize to local apple orchards, Grand Rapids offers the ease of living in a small city while maintaining all the amenities of a big city. To check out what's going on in Grand Rapids click here.


Admission to the Master of Science in Engineering

The School of Engineering welcomes motivated and intellectually inquisitive graduate students who desire to deepen their professional education in engineering. Candidates in our graduate program are expected to make effective use of opportunities to obtain academic and program advice from the faculty and to make maximum use of program flexibility in selecting options that further their professional objectives. Candidates can be admitted to the program in any semester and these are our admission requirements.

  • A Bachelor of Science degree from a four-year undergraduate program in engineering or closely-related field. For students graduating from a program in the United States (U.S.) the program must be accredited by ABET. Needed with your application are official, original academic transcripts and degree certificates from all secondary schools or universities previously attended.
  • U.S. students must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 on a 0.0 - 4.0 scale in all undergraduate coursework. Additional evidence can be presented in the form of high scores on the GRE test, though this is not required.
  • International students must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA)  that is equivalent to at least 3.0, when linearly scaled on a 0.0 - 4.0 scale, in all undergraduate coursework. They must also submit GRE scores, which must be satisfactory, independently of their cumulative undergraduate GPA.
  • International students must also show evidence of proficiency in the English language. GVSU recognizes the following English proficiency tests:
  • Three confidential letters of recommendation from informed sources, such as current and/or former professors and supervisors. These letters should address the applicant’s academic skills, analytical and problem solving abilities, professionalism, maturity, integrity, and potential for success in graduate studies.
  • One to two page essay detailing an applicant's career plans and academic goals. International applicants are requested to add a one to two page essay on the following topic:  “What will I do to bring cultural and international perspectives to Grand Valley that will enhance the learning environment for the entire GVSU community?”

Whereas early applications are encouraged, no application deadline is imposed. Rather, each application is evaluated immediately after it is complete. 

Domestic applicants may apply here.  International applicants may apply here.

Candidates should have a base of underlying knowledge relevant to graduate study in the chosen area of focus. This can be demonstrated by previous academic records or relevant work experience. Consultation with the Graduate Program Director may be necessary to verify the appropriateness of work experience as a substitute for academic preparation.

Once admitted to the M.S.E. program, students are expected to demonstrate initiative and teamwork, and to devote sufficient time to complete the work assigned in each course. They must be willing to imaginatively and creatively engage academic challenges. Although the demands are rigorous, the results are exciting and rewarding. Students are expected to maintain the highest ethical standards at all times.

Interested in learning more or enrolling? E-mail the Director, call  us at (616) 331-6750 or apply online.



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