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Student Response Systems

Turning Point

This is a device solution in which faculty may decide to require students to purchase the clicker device for course use. Information Technology will be phasing out their ongoing purchase and administration of this technology and moving to the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). We are allowing faculty who currently use the devices owned by IT to obtain a set for their own use/support by contacting IT with their interests. The responsibility for the use, deployment, retrieval and replacement would be the responsibility of the faculty/department. The availability of the devices that are being given away by IT are on a first come/first serve basis.

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Top Hat

This is a device solution in which faculty may decide to require students to purchase. Top Hat Lecture will let faculty ask questions, take attendance, annotate slides, and more, all from the convenience of any personal device.

Learning Catalytics

This is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model with faculty and students support provided by Information Technology. Instructor license is free. Students are charged a license fee for a device by semester or year.

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Reef Polling

Reef Polling

Reef Polling is a digital teaching platform used to engage students. Instructors can poll students and get results in real time. This student response system is available on any device with a browser and is available for download as an IOS app or Android app.

Poll Everywhere

On the surface, Poll Everywhere is a simple application that works well for live audiences using mobile devices like phones. People participate by visiting a fast mobile-friendly web page for your event, sending text messages, or using Twitter. Instructions are displayed on-screen. The poll that is embedded within the presentation or web page will update in real time. Advanced uses include texting comments to a presentation, texting questions to a presenter, responding via the web, and SMS interactivity in print, radio, and TV.




Kahoot is free system used to create learning games. You can make a series of multiple choice questions in which videos, images, and diagrams can be added to amplify engagement. Players answer questions on their own devices, while games are displayed on a shared screen to unite the lesson.