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Blackboard Known Issues

Instructor Access Denied in Discussion Boards if Available Date Set.

If a discussion board is set to be available at a later date, the instructor will get an Access Denied message when trying to access the board. To fix this, set the discussion board date to available.

"Not Logged In" Error when accessing MyBb Profile

"Not Logged In" Error message appears when users click their Blackboard profile picture. This disables users from being able to upload or change their profile pictures or personalize their MyBb profile.

Needs Grading Shows Start Date, Not Submitted Date

Date Submitted is the  time that student's saved their first draft and not the time of their latest submission.

Grade Center Total Percentage Displays 5 Decimal Points

When you set a Total Column in Grade Center to percentage, it will show 5 decimal points rather than the usual two. This is a Blackboard bug that they hope to resolve in the next release.

Microsoft Edge

The new Windows 10 browser, Microsoft Edge, is listed as being supported by Blackboard. At this time the GVSU Blackboard Support group recommends Firefox, Chrome or Safari.  A list of Blackboard supported browsers can be found here.

Chrome Scatters or Distorts Blackboard

Whenever you refresh your Blackboard page in Chrome, the HTML seems to scatter the display of the Blackboard page. To fix this issue, at the very top left corner of your scattered Blackboard page, you will see the hyperlinked words "myBb". Right click on the link and select "Open in a new Tab". This will reset your blackboard web page display. 

Copy and Paste Function not Working

If you are using Firefox or Chrome and you have copied text, you may find that Blackboard will not allow you to paste the text into a Blackboard text editor. If you wish to continue using that browser, you will need to paste the text into another text editor (i.e. MS Word), re-copy the text, and the paste the text into Blackboard. However, Safari and Internet Explorer will allow you to paste the text on the first try, if you rather switch browsers.

Offline Grade Center Download Shows Extra Wording in Column Titles

When downloading a grade center for offline grading in Excel, the column titles will display the additional text, "" appended to the column titles. Uploading the file back to the Grade Center changes the column titles to have the extra wording. You can avoid the column names from being altered in the Grade Center by removing the added text strings from the Excel file before uploading.


Course Availability

Students: If you do not see your course(s) in Blackboard the faculty have not yet made them available to you.

Safe Assign in Safari

Please use Chrome or Firefox to submit assignments to Safe Assign. In Safari, and error occurs that says "Sorry, we do not think you are logged in to SafeAssign..." when you submit an assignment.


Course Not Listed

If your course(s) are not listed in Blackboard, check that you are listed as the instructor in Banner. If not, request that your department update Banner. You must be listed as the instructor of record in Banner to be assigned your courses in Blackboard. If your course is in Banner, but not Blackboard, contact

Making Courses Available to Students

Go to Customization > Properties and Set Availability, click "Yes" then "Submit."

Horizontal Scroll Bar Missing

If you find that you are missing your horizontal scroll bar while in Grade Center, click in a students grade box and using you keypad arrows to page to the right or left. If you are using Chrome or Safari on a Mac, then you can also fix this issue by editing the System Preferences on your machine. Open the System Preferences window, select "General", and then chose "Always" for the "Show Scroll Bars" setting. 

Course Copy - Duplicate Content Areas

When completing a course copy, content areas such as "Assignments" and "Course Documents" are copied into content areas, as opposed to the existing content areas in your course. Before attempting to re-copy your course, check that there are not duplicate content areas. To remove the empty content areas, select the gray double drop down arrow to the right, and select delete.

Course Copy - Course Quota

When completing a course copy, sometimes the course you are copying from will fill the course's (the one you are copying into) space limitations. This will not allow you to make any additional posts, even if you delete a few items. Please contact with the course that you need more space for. 

Blackboard Mobile Popup Window Issue

On the iPad, the popup windows that display content do not expand correctly. This has been identified as a bug and Blackboard is working on a solution.