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Advisor Organizations in Blackboard

Starting May 4, GVSU advisors will receive an organization in Blackboard dedicated to their advisees. The organization will be titled “USERNAME - Firstname Lastname Advisees” (e.g. "LAKERL, Louie Laker Advisees"). In the organization, advisees will be automatically enrolled and updated weekly.

Your advisor organization will initially be listed as unavailable for your student advisees. You will need to make it available for your students, if you wish to use it.

Below are some ideas for how to use the organization:

  - post announcements

  - send email to all advisees, groups of advisees, or individual advisees

  - post your contact information and office hours

  - share documents with your advisees (e.g. applications, forms)

  - schedule online office hours with your advisees

  - create a discussion board for advisees to share questions