Open Educational Resources

What are OER?

Open Education Resources (OER) are textbooks, learning objects, and other educational materials which are Open: they are free to use, have few or no access restrictions, and most can be freely remixed, customized, and adapted. Many OER have a Creative Commons license or are in the public domain--visit the GVSU University Libraries' Open Educational Resources site for more information.

Create your own OER!

In the Digital Studio, faculty and staff can work with our team of digital media and content creation specialists to develop and create their own Open Educational Resources. Utilizing a variety of software and hardware tools, the Digital Studio can provide support for recording and editing audio, video and wide range of interactive content. Not sure which tool is right for you or what's available? Our team of media specialists can aid in the design, production and deployment of your custom tutorial, learning object or Lightboard video from start to finish.

Why adopt OER?

Whether you realize it or not you are probably already an OER creator and curator. Every time you incorporate an online video, custom presentation or other resource into your course you are providing your students with an alternative to the high cost of purchased textbooks and yourself, the flexibility to deliver unique and specialized content. GVSU Mathematics Professor Charlene Beckman took advantage of the Digital Studio's "video production expertise" to create a series of video tutorials for the Regional Math and Science Center's "Math Games & Activities" resource site.

Faculty Created / Digital Studio Supported OER at GVSU




Matt Hart, Karen Machett and Mary Jo Smith


Demonstration, Lightboard and Safety Videos

GVSU Chemistry

Betsy Williams and Rita Kohrman

University Libraries

Citing Sources: For Faculty Interactive Module

University Libraries

Danielle Lake

Liberal Studies

Ethical Reasoning Interactive Module

Liberal Studies

Patty Janes

Hospitality & Tourism Management

Lightboard and Green Screen Videos

Hospitality & Tourism Management

Start your OER Journey

To learn more about the services that are available or to discuss your OER project, contact Justin Melick, Hunter Bridwell or Vince St. Germain in the eLearning and Emerging Technologies Digital Studio at 616-331-2035.

Page last modified November 29, 2017