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Persistence Pals

This group reports to EDPAC. It was founded to investigate the needs of groups of students that have markedly different rates of persistence and degree completion. As needs are identified, the group takes a leadership role in implementation. The first group, and it continues to be a focus, are the degree-seeking freshmen living off campus.

Much of the work of the group is to provide information to off-campus dwellers, new transfers students, and to their families. The identified groups generally do not have ready access to information about events and activities that would tie them to the campus and engage them in the life of the greater Grand Valley community. Our goal is to make these students feel welcomed as an active participant within our community.

Laker Networks

This project, began in 2009, links a team of Grand Valley staff with students who attend the University from targeted high schools. The targeted high schools are in Michigan and Illinois and have a significant population of first-generation college students. Questions may be directed to Lynn Blue, Vice Provost and Dean of Academic Services and Information Technology.

Resources and Tools for Pals

2009-2010 Roster of High School Laker Networks This is a .pdf

2010-2011 Roster of High School Laker Networks This is a .pdf

Alphabetical Listing of All Members and Network Number This is a .pdf

Overview of Laker Networks This is a .pdf that describes the program, its goals, roles and responsibilities of Pals. Included are some useful tips and suggestions to assist you with the management of your group.

Important Dates for Families 2010-2011 This is a .pdf

Meeting Topic Suggestions This is a .pdf

Meeting Locations This is a .pdf

Laker Networks Communication Plan This is a .pdf

Laker Values Statement This is a .pdf

Important Study Techniques for Math Classes This is a .pdf

Here are a few open-ended questions that might give you some ideas to start conversations with your group.

What New Faculty Need to Know This is a .pdf

Five Ways that College is Different from High School is a .pdf that is a one-page document that has been adapted from Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center at Southern Methodist University. It is probably one of the finest comparisons available.

Structured Learning Assistance (SLA) 2010-2011 This is a .pdf

Going Deep: Learning From Campuses That Share Responsibility for Student Success This is a .pdf For other readings and papers on student success and persistence as suggested by Dr. Vincent Tinto click here.

The Grand Valley Counseling Center has developed .pdf handouts on Study Skills and Personal Development that you might use or provide to a student. Click on the highlighted words.

Facebook is a great way to communicate with your group. A Facebook 101 Handbook has been developed for your use, just in case you are not proficient in Facebook and its Groups function.

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