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 EDPAC - Members List
Jeanne Arnold
Vice President for Inclusion & Equity
Philip Batty
Director of Institutional Analysis
Andy Beachnau
Director of Housing and Residence Life
Lynn Blue
Vice Provost & Dean of Academic Services & IT
Jeff Chamberlain
Director of Honors
Jodi Chycinski
Director of Admissions
Maria Cimitile
Academic Program and Curriculum Officer
Melissa Cunningham
Administrative Assistant – Vice Provost’s Office
Gayle Davis
Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
Nancy Giardina
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
Joe Godwin
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Julie Guevara
Assessment & Accreditation Officer
Simone Jonaitis
Executive Director for Continuing Education
Rhonda Lubberts
Assistant Vice President for Institutional Marketing
Bart Merkle
Vice Provost & Dean of Students
Jerry Montag
Jeff Musser
Assistant Vice President for University Budgets
Diana Pace
Associate Dean of Students
Jeffrey Potteiger
Dean of Graduate Studies
Ellen Schendel
Professor of Writing & Faculty Governance
Robert Smart
Professor of Chemistry
Sherril Soman
Interim Director of Financial Aid
Professor of Chemistry
Star Swift
Professor of Law
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