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Author's Reception: Patrick Shan Along with fellow Area Studies colleagues, Professor Patrick Shan, Program Coordinator for the Area Studies East Asian Studies Program, was recognized in November 2014 for publication of his book "Taming China's Wilderness: Immigration, Settlement and the Shaping of the Heilongjiang Frontier 1900-1931." Congratulations, Patrick! 6
In Search of Stability: Lessons from I Ching Presentation on October 14, 2014 by University of Rhode Island professor, Guo-Ming Chen on the Lessons from I Ching. 4
Field Trips to China none 18
Chinese Studies Week 2009 none 2
2012 - Chinese Summer School GVSU Chinese Summer School 6
Dr. Ligang Zhang's Presentation Dr. Ligang Zhang, an associate professor, is currently the executive director of the Institute of Jewish Studies and also the associate dean of the College of History and Culture at Henan University. He earned his Ph.D from the Institute of Jewish Culture, Nanjing University (2008). He studied Jewish culture at Ben-Gurion University (2006-2007). Now, he is a visiting scholar at Brandeis University (2014-2015). His main scholarly interests are modern Jewish history and the Jewish diaspora in the ancient Chinese capital of Kaifeng. His lecture on Kaifeng Jewrys continuous history of nearly one millennium showed an extraordinary episode in the annals of world Jewry. This diaspora was featured by Jewish heritage, tradition, adaptability, and cohesiveness, and at the same time it was remolded by the social environment and Confucian culture in China. Although available information about Kaifeng Jewry is fragmentary, scholars have endeavored to interpret the unique history of this diaspora. Based on primary Chinese sources and the existing scholarship, Dr. Ligang Zhang traces the rise and decline of Kaifeng Jewish community and interprets the dynamic interaction between the larger Chinese society and this distinctive Jewish diaspora. 4