East Asian Studies

Metaphilosophy and Chinese Thought, Interpreting David Hall

Edited by Ewing Chinn and Henry Rosemont Jr., 2003

Selected from a memorial conference in celebration of the life and works of David Hall, the papers in this volume discuss two distinct, though interrelated aspects of Hall’s work – “metaphilosophy” and “Chinese thought.” The volume presents us not only a synoptic review of Hall’s rich array of philosophical contributions, but also important areas in which controversies may prove to be most productive.

Contributors : Richard Rorty, Robert C. Neville, Joanna Crosby, Joseph Grange, Roger T. Ames, Ewing Chinn, Sor-hoon Tan, Chenyang Li, Ronnie Littlejohn, Jane Geaney, Thomas Michael, Erin Cline, and Han

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