East Asian Studies

Intercultural Studies Faculty Development Grant from PIC

This grant is designed to help support the intercultural activities of faculty members at GVSU in the areas of research, internationalization of curriculum, the development of pedagogical approaches in intercultural studies, presentation of papers at intercultural studies conferences, the attendance of intercultural studies conferences, workshops and seminars dealing with intercultural studies, and re-tooling existing courses for more international focus. Recommendations of grant awards will be made on a competitive basis by the Faculty Development Grant Committee...


Global Programs Development Grant from PIC

This grant is designed to help fund the development of faculty-led global programs. Specifically, the grant will be used to support 1)site visits for the development of full proposals for new faculty-led global programs, and 2) site visits by new program directors who are assuming responsibility for directing existing faculty-led global programs...


Faculty/Staff Exchange Program from PIC

Faculty and A/P staff have an opportunity to visit peers at partner institutions abroad for two weeks in May/June for the purpose of exchanging ideas and exploring cross cultural issues in academic and/or professional fields. GVSU's partnerships are in: Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, England, Germany, Ghana, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland and Trinidad & Tobago...


Faculty Research Grant-in-Aid from R&D

Research Grants-in-Aid pay costs of scholarly, creative and research activities. Such grants, which typically range up to $3,000, may include support for student help (generally student wages will not exceed $1,500.00), supplies, necessary travel, and other costs of projects. Faculty salaries are excluded, and equipment is excluded except for extraordinary circumstances...


Faculty Summer Research Stipends from R&D

Summer Research Stipends recognize outstanding research proposals by supplying salary (which may supplement funding for the research activities themselves). Several awards will be granted annually...


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