Team Web GVSU


About Us:
Digital Workplace Web Site:
This web site is made possible by Team Web GVSU. The team is comprised of students, faculty
and alumni from Grand Valley State University. The advertisements for this web site are
provided by Google.
The purpose of Team Web GVSU is to use technology to teach. Our services are free and we
offer them to everyone as a public service
Current Web Team Members:
Kaitlyn Andrykovich - Student Director of Marketing and Analytics 
Michael Angerbrandt - Student Director of Digital Workplace Website

Andy Brookhouse - Alumni Advisor
William Cook - Alumni Director of Arbitration Website
Frederic Paladin - Arbitration App Developer
Nathan Ritter - Student Director of Video and Audio
Adam Rosenberg - Assistant Student Director of Digital Workplace Website
Prof. Star Swift - Faculty Advisor
Emily Wisniewski - Graduate Student Counsel 
Former Members and Current Advisors of Team Web GVSU click here.

Page last modified February 10, 2014