Social Media Policies

Employees use many different types of technology at work and at home to communicate.  The legal balancing act that is now taking place may be stated as follows: how much of this communication may an employer restrict before it violates an employee’s rights to free speech and privacy?

Learning Links

Teacher Caught on Facebook fired:

On 6/23/2010, Rubino, a tenured teacher at P.S. 203 in Brooklyn, posted a Facebook message alluding to drowning her 5th grade class, a day after a student drowned during a field trip. One of Rubino's friends showed the post to the school and the New York City School District (SC) started an investigation, which recommended that Rubino be fired after the postings had been reviewed and accounted for the fact that Rubino's e-mail address is linked to her Facebook account. Rubino was fired after the final report was issued.

Social Media Policy Data Base:

Am organized database that includes 238 social media policies for a variety of industries and types of companies. 

NLRB and Social Media Policies:

In 2012, the National Labor Relations Board filed a report on recent social media cases where the Board looked at many social media policies that resulted in adverse employment action. Also in that Report, the NLRB included the full text of a policy the board found to be lawful.  To see this policy follow the above link. 

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