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Electronic Discovery (E-Discovery) is used by the parties to a law suit, an administrative hearing or an arbitration. In federal and state courts there are rules that specifically require the parties to disclose electronic information that is relevant to the law suit. This electronic information (data) may be stored on a computer hard drive, a flash drive, an e-mail, a cloud, etc.

Learning Links

What Every Business Person Should Know About E-Discovery

This video covers the most important areas of concern surrounding E-Discovery. It uses the E-Discovery Resource Model from to walk through each step in the process.

E-Discovery Definitions

An alphabetized listing of terms used in e-Discovery that are necessary to understand the process.

Michigan E-Discovery Guidelines

This article from the Michigan Bar Journal by Dante Stella discusses Michigans E-Discovery guidelines and specific rulings within the state. Stella covers changes in Michigans court rulings surrounding E-Discovery. He highlights many things that can help lead to success during E-Discovery.

Data Retention Policies

A compilation of policies regarding data retention for a variety of companies that crosses industries. You can search for policies based on keywords.

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