Data Storage

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the internet-based storage for files, applications, and infrastructure. One could say cloud computing has been around for many years, but now a company may buy or rent space for their daily operations.  

The cost savings in implementing a cloud system is substantial, and the pricing for use of cloud computing can easily be scaled up or down as determined by necessity.


Data Theft

Data theft is when someone takes data that is stored on another’s computer or data storage unit.  A large part of company business communications and property is stored as data, so data theft is on the rise. 


Monitoring Employees

Employers must keep a vigilant eye on the decisions of the state and federal courts in regard to the monitoring of their employees. Otherwise they risk violating privacy rights and this can be a costly mistake.


Storage Types

For the purpose of this web site, data storage is the saving of any data that may be made and stored electronically. Some examples of data storage are the following: an e-mail that is typed on your computer and saved to your Google account, a contract that is saved to a thumb drive or USB, or pictures that are saved to the hard drive of your computer.

Regardless of how you store your electronic data it is important to consider the many issues that revolve around the safe storage and legal monitoring of this data.  The slide outs that are connected to this menu tab address the major concerns of data storage.

Page last modified August 20, 2014