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Academic Honesty

The policy on Integrity of Scholarships and Grades is outlined in the Student Code Section 223.00, and in the Faculty Handbook, (Academic Honesty). Plagiarism is defined in Section 223.01-223.04, of the Student Code.

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Drop/Add Policy

Also called Schedule Revision, the Drop/Add Policy is published in the GVSU Catalog. "Schedule revision, or drop/add is held concurrently with all registrations. A student may drop or add any course for which prerequisites have been met and capacity permits. Additional tuition charges are due when a student adds a credit. Under exceptional circumstances a student may be allowed to add a course after the deadline. The completed transaction, accompanied by support from the instructor, department chair, and college dean, must include a $25 late add fee and any additional tuition. Specific dates and times for all registrations are set by the registrar and published in the schedule of courses." (Excerpt from the GVSU Catalog - See viewing hint below.) "Important Dates" to remember for each semester are published in the Annual GVSU Schedule of Courses.

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Emergency Closing Policy

Emergency Closing Policy

"Students, faculty and staff should assume the university is open unless and until they are advised otherwise through the university’s electronic notification system, or on the radio or television." (Excerpt from the GVSU Emergency Closing Policy)

For a detailed explanation and a listing of radio/television stations, visit Grand Valley Public Safety Services website.

Financial Aid Policies

These are a few, but not all, of the policies for Financial Aid.  For more information, go directly to the GVSU Financial Aid website.

Student Academic Grievance Procedure

Student Academic Grievance Procedure is published in the Student Code and in the GVSU Catalog   Viewing Hint: Use the "Thumbnails" to quickly go to the appropriate page in the Student Code. Use your browser's "back" key to go back to the link.

Tuition and Fees Refund Policy

The Tuition and Fees Refund Policy is published in the GVSU Catalog.  See viewing hint below.

A specific schedule of refunds, with qualifying dates, is published each semester in Grand Valley's official Schedule of Courses. "Important Dates" for each semester are printed in the Annual GVSU Schedule of Courses.

"Tuition Refund Appeals:  Student applications for refund of tuition are reviewed weekly by the Tuition Refund Appeals Committee. The applicant is notified in writing following the meeting. Approved refunds will follow the normal refund process returning federal and institutional funds as dictated by policy. Questions regarding the actual amount of the refund can be answered by the student accounts office. (Excerpt from GVSU Catalog)   

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Weapons Policy

Weapons are not allowed on campus. Questions may be directed to the Department of Public Safety, 616-331-3255. The Weapons Policy is described in the Student Code, Section 215.00: FIREARMS, EXPLOSIVES OR WEAPONS of the Student Code. (See viewing hint below). "Possession or use of firearms, firecrackers, explosives, toxic or dangerous chemicals; other lethal weapons, equipment, chemicals or materials; or anything that can be construed as a weapon that operates based on spring, gas or air is not permitted on University property or in University housing at any time." (Excerpt from Student Code).