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Kenneth R. Venderbush Student Leadership Award

The Kenneth R. Venderbush Award will be presented to one senior each year at the Grand Valley annual Student Awards Convocation held in April. This prestigious award is presented to a senior who has made a significant leadership contribution to student life at Grand Valley. In making this volunteer contribution the student should demonstrate good academic performance.

The 2017 Nomination Form will be available soon.


1. Candidates must be a senior enrolled Fall and/or Winter semester.

2. Candidates must demonstrate a significant contribution to student life through volunteer student representation, committee involvement, student organization leadership, residence hall leadership, or athletic leadership and participation.

3. Candidates must be in good academic standing and their academic performance/achievement will be considered as part of the criteria for this award. Academics should be balanced with extracurricular involvement and should reflect a solid performance by the individual.

4. Candidates are eligible to receive this award only once.


1. Nominations for this award will be solicited from the entire campus community by the Dean of Students in early February each year.

2. Selection of the award recipient will be accomplished by a committee of faculty and staff selected by the Dean of Students in February each year. The selection committee will have at least four members and will review the nominations and select a finalist group of candidates.

3. Each finalist will be interviewed by the selection committee in March and the Dean of Students will be informed of the selection by early April of each year.

4. The entire finalist group will be invited to the annual Student Awards Convocation and the award (a plaque) will be presented to the winner by the Dean of Students.