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Previous Projects

Effectiveness of a Heat Sink in a High Current DC Transformer
Project Sponsor:  Roman Manufacturing

The project was done in multiple phases to evaluate effectiveness of the original and the redesigned heat sink performance in order to extend the life of the diode inside the transformer.

FLO:  Cost reduction of a Reconfigurable Office Furniture
Project Sponsor: Amneon

This project resulted in 60% cost reduction by redesigning the product and the process.

Investigation of the Sudden Failure of Hot Spas in Operation
Project Sponsor: Emerald Spa

This project investigated the production process to isolate the cause of a nagging problem in their product quality and to achieve better control over the process.

Design Improvement of Jewelry Showcase
Project Sponsor: Amstore

The design team worked with the company personnel to generate ideas for redesigning a showcase-security locker combination for a nationwide chain store.

Determining Optimal Mix of Recycled Plastics
Project Sponsor: Robert Morgan and Company

Designed experiment was carried out to find the influential factors determining the mechanical properties of recycle plastic mix.

Mechanistic Models for Human Powered Hand held Vacuum Cleaner
Project Sponsor: Bissell

Mathematical modeling was done to check the feasibility of such a green device.

Prototype Dropout for aftermarket Wheel Change in TerraTrike
Project Sponsor: WizWheelz

DOER center worked with the sponsor to quickly design and prototype a dropout which will allow customer to fit newer larger wheels in their trikes. Product Video

Optimal Lighting Fixture Design
Project Sponsor:

This project stands out not for its technical merit, but for the ability of DOER center to bring two local companies and their expertise together to solve a common problem which has benefitted both the companies.

Herriot Vacuum Cell Design
Project Sponsor: Chemistry Department, GVSU

DOER center worked with a NASA engineer who volunteered to design this expensive piece of test equipment for the chemistry department.  DOER center worked on design for manufacturability and produced the working prototype for the Chemistry Department.

Powered Wheel Chair Trainer
Project Sponsor: MOVE International, DOER Center

This is a humanitarian project which allows severely handicapped person to train on powered wheel chair before qualifying to buy one.  The product has already been tested in the Lincoln Center and changed the life of two children by allowing them to qualify for powered wheel chairs.  Currently DOER center is working to build a second prototype for the University of California, Irvine.

Portable Device to Measure Small Airway Resistance in Lungs
Project Sponsor: Dr. Thomas Miller

This project has started this semester.  The goal is to design and build a prototype, according to a patent owned by Dr. Miller.  This device will allow the physicians to conduct clinical studies relating respiratory illnesses to airways resistance.

Sparkle Bike Project
Project Sponsor: Movement Science Department and YMCA, Grand Rapids

This project investigated the feasibility of generating electrical power as byproduct of exercising on bikes and using that power to light up the facility.

DOER Engineering Experience Day, 2010
Project Sponsor: Dr. Thomas Miller

A group of local High School students were brought in to conduct a design experiment and present their findings at the end of the day.  The objective of this program is to motivate high achieving high school candidates to pursue science and engineering careers.

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