DOER Center


Every DOER team is led by one of our credentialed, experienced, and respected faculty members who takes the time to understand your company and its needs and to plan and execute the best possible solutions to your needs.  The wide range of expertise that our faculty brings to the table allows the DOER Center to come up with an innovative solution to any engineering challenge.

Faculty Member Emphasis Areas of Specialty
Dr. Wael Mokhtar
Assistant Professor
Mechanical Thermo-Fluid, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Machine Design
Dr. Janice Pawloski
Assistant Professor
Mechanical Applied Mathematics, Elasticity, Fracture Mechanics
Dr. Christopher Plouff
Assistant Professor and Endowed Chair
Product Design & Manufacturing Environmental Engineering, Co-Op Program Design
Dr. Chris Pung
Assistant Professor
Product Design & Manufacturing Composites, Product Design, Design of Experiments
Dr. M. M. Azizur Rahman
Assistant Professor
Electrical Power Electronics and Analog Circuits
Dr. Samhita Rhodes
Assistant Professor
Electrical Biomedical Engineering, Digital Signal Processing, Mathematical Modeling
Dr. Mehmet Sozen
Associate Professor
Mechanical Alternative Energy, Thermo-Fluid Sciences, Renewal Energy
Dr. Andrew Sterian
Associate Professor
Electrical Embedded and Digital Systems, Electronics, Firmware


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