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About Our DOER Students

Building on design elements throughout their education, all Grand Valley engineering students complete their degrees with hands-on experience. Many projects are done as part of a class and students are not paid for that work nor do companies pay for it. For DOER projects, student design teams engage in real-world engineering challenges for actual paying clients. Most DOER projects are sponsored by industry organizations for which the students solve engineering design problems to produce an end product or devise or improve a process.

Students work in teams underStudents the guidance of a faculty advisor and one or more technical liaisons from the sponsoring organization. In addition to regular meetings with their liaisons and advisors, the student teams prepare weekly progress reports and document their work through interim written reports and oral presentations. Upon completing their projects, the student teams submit final written reports to their sponsors and formally present their results. Teams are encouraged to visit their sponsoring organization at least once during the course of the project.

Upon graduation, students in the GVSU engineering program pursue careers in engineering, construction management, finance, and teaching. Graduates have been recruited by companies such as GE Aviation Systems, Herman Miller, and Amway.



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