DNA Sequencing & Genotyping at AWRI/GVSU

General Information on Sequencing & Genotyping at AWRI/GVSU

AWRI houses a shared research facility that is capable of DNA sequencing and genotyping (fragment analysis).  The availability of this instrumentation - purchased through a grant from the National Science Foundation's Major Research Instrumentation program - makes the collection of DNA sequencing and genotyping data both faster and cheaper than outsourcing to other universities.

Shared Research Facility -Dustin Wcisel demonstrating the use of the ABI3130xl Genetic Analyzer

The facility is designed to provide training for students and faculty on DNA sequencing and genotyping, and the instrumentation is therefore available for use by the GVSU community.  The idea is that the collection of your own DNA data not only provides you with a valuable technical skill, but also allows more flexibility and control over data collection than with outsourcing.  For training, contact Ryan Thum (616-331-3989; thumr@gvsu.edu) or Jeremy Newton (616-331-8797; newtojer@gvsu.edu)

Core Facility -

If you prefer outsourcing DNA sequencing and genotyping applications instead of performing them yourself, the facility can also accept samples as a ‘Core Facility’ would at other institutions.  We contend that our prices are cheaper than outsourcing to another university, and we will do everything possible to match or beat any charges at outside facilities.  If you currently outsource to another university or facility, please contact us so we can get you using GVSU’s facility.  Keep your funds at GVSU!

CLICK HERE to submit samples for DNA sequencing

CLICK HERE to submit samples for DNA fragment analysis

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