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Call for Abstracts

Whatcha Doing with Evolution Flash Talks

We are looking for GVSU faculty and advanced students from any discipline who would be willing to give a 3-5 minute talk highlighting their research, scholarship, or creative output. The goal is to show the many exciting ways that evolutionary theory is being used on the GVSU campus. The talks can have visuals (e.g., ppt) or other props, but they must be brief. Presentations will be limited to 3-5 minutes plus a few minutes for questions.

We are allowing great flexibility in the content of the flash talks. For example, one might summarize a specific research finding, provide an overview of a research program, discuss ideas for future work, or show how evolution is impacting art or literature. Faculty who are working with outstanding students are encouraged to ask them to present.

We hope talks will stimulate discussion about evolution across disciplines, forge collaborations and friendships, and have fun. There will be time for socializing and discussion after the session. Appetizers will be served.

Please submit an abstract of 100 – 200 words by January 22.

Call For Entries Poster

Call For Entries Poster

Abstract Submission

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