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Celebrating Bravery, Curiosity, Activism and Education

Grand Valley State University will celebrate its first Darwin Day on February 11-12 with events to celebrate and encourage intellectual curiosity, intellectual bravery, activism, education, and well-being. We hope this event will increase scientific literacy and introduce the public to the many different aspects and applications of evolution.

All Grand Valley faculty and staff members and students are invited to participate by attending events and by submitting abstracts for presentations or art for the exhibit. 

Darwin Day celebrations are held all over the world. For more information and a detailed history, visit International Darwin Day.

Keynote Speaker

Wenda R. Trevathan, PhD

Wenda R. Trevathan is Regents Professor (Emerita) of Anthropology at New Mexico State University and a biological anthropologist who earned her PhD at the University of Colorado, Boulder.  Her research focuses on the evolutionary and biocultural factors underlying human reproduction including childbirth, maternal behavior, sexuality, and menopause.  Her primary publications include works on the evolution of childbirth and evolutionary medicine.  She is a co-editor of two collections of works on evolutionary medicine (Oxford University Press, 1999 and 2008) and published the book Ancient Bodies, Modern Lives:  How Evolution Has Shaped Women’s Health(Oxford University Press) in 2010, in addition to more than 60 articles, chapters, reviews, and books. She is the recipient of several awards including the W. W. Howells Book Award (for Ancient Bodies), the Margaret Mead Award from the American Anthropological Association, a Fulbright Lectureship Award to the Philippines, a Resident Scholar Award from the School for Advanced Research in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and several awards for teaching and research at New Mexico State University.  She currently serves on the editorial boards of the American Anthropologist and the Journal of Evolutionary Medicine.

Wenda R. Trevathan, PhD

Wenda Trevathan, PhD, Anthropology

Darwin's Journey to GVSU

Check out the highlights of Darwin's trip to GVSU. From London to Allendale.


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Darwin in Long