Purchasing & Contracts Subcommittee
Progress Report – March 9, 2007
Chair: Ester Burns
Subcommittee: Jim Bachmeier, Michele Golightly, Pat Haynes, Simone Jonaitis, Martha Moore, Sherry Moyer, Stefanie Prociv, Pat Smith, Tim Thimmesch, Dante Villarreal
The Purchasing & Contracts Subcommittee has been very dedicated to their work, and as a result, we’ve had some excellent dialogue at our meetings. True supplier diversity champions in the making!
Within the framework we established, our focus groups have completed their segment contributions, and the Subcommittee’s final report will be submitted to the DAC next week. The report will emphasize three goals for continuing the development of strategic purchasing and contracting initiatives that will support GVSU’s culture of inclusive excellence. The goals are:
Enhance current best practices  
(Pat Haynes, Sherry Moyer, Martha Moore)
  •  What are current best practices used to achieve results? Are these results the best for the university?
    • Prior to Proposal 2
      • Purchasing Policy & Procedures
      • Supplier Diversity Procurement Program
      • Literature and Forms
      • Website and other Communications
      • Campus and Student Communities (Facilities Planning, Athletics, Auxiliaries)
      • Facilities Planning (construction and renovations)
    • After Proposal 2
      • Campus Community
      • Student Community
      • Facilities Planning (construction and renovations)
      •  Auxiliary – Bookstore, The Meadows, WGVU, Athletics
    • New processes to consider for recommendation
      • Purchasing
      • Campus Community
      •  Facilities Planning
  • How can we improve communications of current best practices and any changes?
  • Benchmark compliance
Promote synergy amongst our campus and regional communities
(Dante Villarreal, Simone Jonaitis, Michele Golightly, Frank Foster)
  • What are desired results for relationships with the university and regional communities?
  • What barriers have been or might be experienced in achieving these desired results?
  • What are the benefits of an effective supplier diversity program?
  • How can we promote our agency affiliations to the campus community?
  • Recommendations for creating champions to foster campus-wide initiatives?
  • Recommendations for collaborating and stimulating new ideas that result in greater productivity and promote win-win potential
  • Develop marketing messages and ad campaign
  • Benchmark compliance
Support a sustainable future 
(Jim Bachmeier, Tim Thimmesch, Pat Smith)
  • What are desired results for the university over the next 3 to 5 years?
  • What barriers have been or might be experienced in achieving these desired results?
  • Recommendations for improving/changing perceptions to achieve these desired results
  • How do we influence employee behavior and campus culture to support our initiatives?
  • Develop performance indicators to measure progress and success
  • Recommendations for reinforcing responsibility and accountability
  • Recommendations for establishing an advocacy committee
  • Benchmark compliance
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