Support Services

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Name Department Phone Number
Kowalski-Braun, Marlene - Chair Women's Center 1-2748
Arnold, Damon Student Academic Success Center 1-3588
Burke, Michelle Student Life Office 1-2345
Dang, Connie Multicultural Affairs 1-2177
Ford, Milt Liberal Studies Department 1-8020
Harte, Meghan Housing - Allendale 1-2120
Mitchner, Brenda Housing - Allendale 1-2120
Moore, Koleta Career Services 1-3311
Morningstar, Bruce Public Safety Services 1-3255
Nelson, Tony Upward Bound Math/Science/TRiO 1-3441
Pace, Diana Dean of Students Office/Vice Provost 1-3585
Plouff, Chris Career Services 1-3311
Latoria Thomas-Lee Office of Multicultural Affairs 1-3266
VanderVeen, Kathleen Disability Support Services (previously OAS) 1-2490
White, Sulari Disability Support Services (previously OAS) 1-2490
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