February 16th Progress Report—Diversity Assessment Committee

Teaching and Learning

Wendy Wenner, Chair


The committee has met four times to discuss the issues related to teaching and learning and Proposition 2. We have established an outline of issues we will address in our report and are engaged in appropriate research. .


We are developing a statement with Tom Butcher about the effect of Prop 2 on teaching and learning.


We are reviewing the following:

  • Current GVSU practices
  • Best practices in other universities for embedding diversity content, pedagogy, and theory into curriculum and pedagogy
  • Capacity building programs that have succeeded in increasing faculty skills in teaching for diversity.
  • Identification of 10-15 GVSU faculty who could provide the expertise to increase faculty capacity
  • Systemic practices or procedures that inhibit our ability to make change in increasing the faculty practice of addressing diversity in the classroom
  • Successful programs for recruiting a significantly more diverse student body
  • Three-five year goals for teaching and learning outcomes
  • Faculty support and reward structures that work
  • Funding sources to support learning outcomes (external and internal)
  • Teaching and learning resources that could be made available for students and faculty. 

We expect to provide a strategic plan with goals and action steps that will increase capacity of faculty to teach and students to meet appropriate learning outcomes for inclusive excellence and diversity education.   

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