Diversity Assessment Committee


The charge for the Diversity Assessment Committee is as follows:
  • To research current diversity initiatives and review these in light of Proposal 2
  • To create a desired future for a diverse learning community
  • To articulate creative recommendations for alignment with Proposal 2 and for achieving the desired future.
The following are the anticipated outcomes:
  • University will be in compliance with Proposal 2
  • University will sustain and enhance commitment to diversity
  • University will increase diverse representation for a rich learning environment
  • University's learning community will be inclusive
  • Formal and informal data will support that university's culture/climate is reflective of vision, mission, values and goals


The university's strategic plan provides the context for the Diversity Assessment Committee's charge.


The vision is important because it provides a profile of where the university wants to be in the next three to five years.
Grand Valley State University is a public institution with a local, regional and state commitment, and a global perspective. We are dedicated to providing our students with the highest quality undergraduate and graduate education.

Teaching in the liberal tradition, whether in general arts and sciences or the professional degree programs, has always been at the heart of Grand Valley's educational mission. A liberal education acquaints students with the tradition of humane values and the heritage, problems, and perspectives of their own and other cultures. it transcends the acquisition of information and rests on scholarship and the open exchange of ideas. Students learn to think for themselves as they develop the skills of inquiry, reflection, critical analysis, dialogue, and expression. At Grand Valley State University, the values of liberal education permeate all programs and areas of study.

A broad education rooted in the arts and sciences provides students with the general knowledge and skills necessary to participate intelligently in public discourse. Grand Valley State University is also dedicated to educating students to become competent professionals in their chosen fields. These ideals co-exist within our institution, and together they inspire graduates not only to pursue their own success and well-being but also to positively influence their communities, their professions, and their world.

Grand Valley State University is characterized by and known for superior student-centered teaching and learning. Our diverse environment promotes the development of intellect and creativity through teaching, scholarship, service, and a vibrant campus culture. Realizing this vision will result in a broad national reputation for excellence.

The mission states the primary purpose of the university:
Grand Valley State University educates students to shape their lives, their professions, and their societies. The university contributes to the enrichment of society through excellent teaching, active scholarship, and public service.

Although all the values lay the foundation for the ethics and integrity of the university's environment, the Diversity and Community values in particular support the importance of this work.

A range of thoughtful perspectives is necessary for open inquiry, liberal education, and a healthy community. Recognizing this, we seek and welcome a diverse group of students, faculty, and staff. We value a multiplicity of opinions and backgrounds and seek ways to incorporate the voices and experiences of all into our university. We value our local community and embrace the participation of individuals and groups from Michigan, the nation and the world. We also encourage participation in educational opportunities abroad. in order to foster a healthy and diverse environment, we will act with integrity, communicate respectfully, and accept responsibility for our words and actions.


The university goals are interconnected and provide a blueprint for how to make the vision become reality. In the presenting context, the following are of major significance in addressing the proposed charge:

Goal Four: to promote and integrate diversity in all aspects of university life


    • To create a comprehensive, systemic framework for both curricular and co-curricular educational excellence that incorporates diversity at its core.


    • To provide access by enrolling, supporting, retaining, and graduating economically disadvantaged students, first generation students, students of color, and any other underrepresented population
    • To create and provide diversity content in the courses, programs, and experiences across all academic offerings and in the social dimensions of the campus environment
    • To develop an inclusive community that promotes intercultural learning that engages all of its diversity in the service of student growth and organizational development
    • To enact diversity in intentional ways that enhance intercultural competence, cognitive complexity and the ability to work in and bring leadership to diverse groups

Goal Five: To encourage a vibrant campus culture that fosters an atmosphere of inquiry and learning in all campus settings

Goal Six: To effectively develop and allocate financial resources with which to advance the university's mission and respond to change and emerging opportunities


    • To manage university resources consistent with a disciplined financial plan to ensure long-term financial viability and vitality.


    • To establish budgeting priorities that reflect the university's vision, mission, values, and goals
    • To enhance affordability for students through an equitable balance of need-based and merit scholarships and financial aid
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