Windows 10 @ GVSU

Windows 10 provides enhanced security protection:

  • Improved User Credential security
  • Improved Data Protection – Disk Encryption
  • Improved Security during Operating System Boot-up
  • Improved Thread Resistance

All new computer orders will come with Windows 10 and IT will upgrade many existing computer models to Windows 10.  Please contact the IT Helpdesk,, to find out if your machine qualifies for an upgrade.

Remember to check if Windows 10 is compatible with any special software you run.  If you use the Onbase full client, check with IT to see if you can upgrade as some of the Onbase features are not supported under Windows 10 and will be in a future release of Onbase. 


Outlook Phishing button

Welcome to your GVSU Cyber Safety website where we will keep you updated on best practices for cyber security as it relates to GVSU business and your personal accounts. Our goal is to discuss cyber safety related to the individual and bring awareness to ways you can better protect your GVSU and personal accounts.

Here are a few simple, but key ways to help prevent a cyber attack:

  • Think B4U Click!  - Avoid suspicious email links and attachments
  • Ensure your anti-virus is up to date - GVSU computers automatically update using Symantec.  Protect your personal devices!
  • Never enter personal or account information from an email link - GVSU will never request this via an email
  • Set strong passwords using passphrases
  • Report suspicious emails by forwarding them to (if possible, forward as an attachment)


Phishing and Ransomware

Password Security

Strong Passwords

GVSU Data Security

GVSU Data Security

Cyber Security Training

Thank you for completing the training!  Our goal is to provide ongoing refreshed content on an annual basis. 

Review your Cyber Security training modules at any time at 

Check out the latest Ouch Newsletter from SANS Institute on Securely Using Mobile Apps

Page last modified June 21, 2017