Campus Sustainability Spotlight

November Spotlight: College of Education

The College of Education (COE) believes in giving back to society. Our mission is to develop quality educators who are “Teaching, Leading, and Learning in a Democratic Society.” This mission underscores our commitment to educating students to be increasingly responsible citizens. By enriching the lives of students, we hope they share their skills to improve their schools, neighborhoods, and communities.

Dean Elaine C. Collins
Richard M. DeVos Center
401 W. Fulton, Building C
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
Ph. 616 331 6650

Ongoing Sustainability Programs:

Please visit the College of Education's sustainability page for current projects, programs, and partnerships.

Sustainability Focused Classes:

Since equity and social responsibility are two of the core values of the COE, many education courses focus on increasing social sustainability and enriching communities through the lives of students. An example of COE courses that focus on sustainability are:

EDF 310 Organizing and Managing Classroom Environments
EDF 315 Diverse Perspectives on Education
EDT 619 Curricular Integration of Ed. Technology
EDS 629 Transition Practices
EDF 671 Educational Policy and Practices
EDF 672 Social/Cultural Foundations of Education
EDL 720 Organizational and Community Relations
EDL 770 Leadership Theory into Practice
EDF 180 Service Learning (*pending approval)


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