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Standard 3

The authorizers services and programs support the educational needs of its authorized schools through meaningful support programs and services.

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The Grand Valley State University Charter Schools Office (GVSU CSO) believes strongly in its mission to provide educational services and programs to all authorized schools.  Providing effective oversight and compliance is critical to authorizing, however, the GVSU CSO believes the key to school success is rooted in the educational programs and services that build the capacity for schools to positively impact overall student achievement.  This focus drives and shapes how the GVSU CSO is staffed and is embedded in office job responsibilities.  Maintaining a commitment to providing highly effective training that impacts student learning is a mission- driven goal for all office personnel. The professional development training and embedded instructional programs provided by the GVSU CSO are paramount to continued school growth and success.

The majority of students enter GVSU CSO charter schools behind in grade level learner skills, especially in reading.  The GVSU CSO employs three full time Reading Specialists to provide intensive Evidenced Based Literacy Instruction (EBLI) and reading improvement strategies for its schools.  These specialists also provide individualized and embedded literacy programs throughout the GVSU CSO portfolio of schools.  The specialists utilize interventions, research- based strategies, and highly collaborative teacher training sessions in order to help all students reach their highest potential in reading, writing and spelling.

With a strong focus on student yearly academic growth, the GVSU CSO requires schools to administer the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Assessment in grades 2-8 in math and reading. The GVSU CSO hired two full-time Assessment Specialists to assist the GVSU Charter Schools in the administration of this assessment along with helping teachers and administrators analyze the reports. The Assessment Specialists provide training for teachers and administrators to assist in using student MAP data to drive classroom instruction. The Assessment Specialists also customize workshops to the needs of the schools by request.     

The GVSU CSO Field Service Representative’s primary role is to attend all charter school board meetings and provide effective training and support for these boards.  Each of the Field Service Representatives provide specific training for schools in the areas of technology tools for learning, school leadership, classroom management, Nonviolent Crisis Prevention training, strategic planning and school marketing.  Field Service Representatives facilitate the GVSU College of Education Masters Program involving partial tuition reimbursement for participants working in GVSU CSO authorized schools.

The GVSU CSO annually provides over 100 teaching and learning professional development workshops, with the majority of these trainings facilitated by GVSU CSO staff.   The GVSU CSO assists schools through financing support services such as Curriculum Crafter and specialized consultant training.  The GVSU CSO believes in connecting schools with best educational practices through the Learning Network conducted by Dr. Richard Lemons, with the Connecticut Center for School Change.  Knowing that school leadership is essential to effective schools, the GVSU CSO provides schools with Leadership Coaching from Duke University’s Dr. Greg Dale and Mark Thomas, a highly successful high school principal for Grand Rapids’s Northview Public Schools.

Providing a wide range of services and programs allows the GVSU CSO to connect with schools on a professional level beyond compliance.   Through these relationships the GVSU CSO is able to collaborate with school stakeholders regarding the impact and effectiveness of the training opportunities provided.  Feedback from schools helps the GVSU CSO strengthen professional development and training offerings.  Most importantly, stakeholder feedback guides the GVSU CSO to align training programs to best enhance overall student achievement.

The authorizer provides equitable, relevant and targeted support programs and/or services for authorized schools.

  • GVSU Charter Schools Office Assessment Specialists
    • Assessment Specialists Overview
    • NWEA Standard 4 Contract Explanation
    • NWEA NEW Schools Presentation 14-15
    • NWEA Data Reports Available for Schools
    • NWEA Gains Report LiveBinder
    • NWEA Gains Report School Overview ALL SUBJECTS 13-14
    • NWEA Example School EBLI Comparison 11-12 to 12-13
    • NWEA Example email to bottom 5% schools
    • Assessment Specialist Job Description
    • NWEA Professional Development Brochure
    • NWEA 101 Workshop Description & Agenda
    • NWEA 101 Presentation
    • NWEA 201 Workshop Description & Agenda
    • NWEA 201 Presentation
    • NWEA 201 & Lexile Workshop Description & Agenda
    • Lexile Presentation
    • NWEA 301 Workshop Description & Agenda
    • NWEA 301 Presentation
    • NWEA 302 Workshop Description & Agenda
    • NWEA 302 Presentation
    • NWEA 102 Presentation
    • NWEA PD LiveBinder Resources
    • Assessment Specialist Workshop & Onsite PD Calendar
    • PD Reminder Example – SMORE
    • PD Reminder Example – EMAIL
    • PD Reminder Example – TWITTER
    • PD Reminder Example – FACEBOOK
    • PD Exit Ticket Feedback Example Post Its NWEA 201
    • NWEA Customized PD Example – Admin Meeting
    • NWEA Customized Onsite Support – East Arbor email & agenda
    • NWEA Customized Onsite Support – East Arbor Presentation
    • Principal’s meeting 2013 Presentation Example
    • Principal’s meeting 2014 Presentation Example
    • Principal’s meeting 2015 Handout Example
    • NWEA National FUSION Conference 2013 Survey Feedback
    • NWEA National FUSION Conference 2014 program guide (p. 16, 20, 27)
    • NWEA National FUSION Conference 2014 email request to present and feedback
    • NWEA FUSION 2014 Conference video (48 sec)
  • GVSU Charter Schools Office Reading Specialist
    • Services and Programs Overview Document
    • EBLI Evidence Based Literacy
      • EBLI Website
      • Partnership video
      • EBLI Training Information
      • WC Abney Elementary Application Rubric
      • Sample EBLI Training Agenda
      • Sample EBLI Refresher Workshop
      • EBLI Classroom Observation Checklist
      • John Corcoran Workshop
    • In-School Embedded Literacy Support
      • Literacy Best Practices
      • Principals Meeting Information
      • New School Support Information
      • Components of Literacy
      • RTI Flow Chart
      • In-School Support Information
      • School Feedback on Literacy Training
    • Professional Development Workshops
      • Sample Agenda Guided Reading
      • DIBELS Training Agenda
      • Common Core Reading Training Agenda
      • Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Training Agenda
      • Vocab, Fluency and Comprehension Agenda
      • Literacy Strategies Agenda
  • Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training
    • CPI Training PowerPoint
  • GVSU CSO Student Engagement Classroom Observations
    • Student Engagement Observations Process
  • Principal Mentoring
    • Conducting Effective Inservice and PD training
    • Definition of Leadership
    • Developing New Teachers
    • Principal Workshop Flyers
    • Secretary Interview
  • GVSU CSO Bi Annual Principal’ Meetings
    • Principal Meetings PowerPoint
  • Technology Tools for the Classroom
    • Sample Tech Workshop Agenda
    • Technology Tools and Teaching Agenda
    • Tech Workshop Presentation PowerPoint
    • PD: PADLET
    • PBWorks Technology Wiki (password: gvsulaker75)
    • WGVU PBS LearningMedia
  • Professional Development Programs
    • PD Workshops
    • In-School Trainings
  • Learning Network with Dr. Richard Lemons
    • Learning Network
    • Learning Styles Inventory
    • Learning Styles Information
    • Learning Styles Email to Schools
    • Login Information to Learning Styles Teacher Survey
    • Sample LN Teacher Profile Walker
  • Leadership Coaching with Dr. Greg Dale
    • Leadership Coaching
  • GVSU Masters of Education Tuition Reimbursement Program
    • GVSU Masters of Education
    • Tuition Reimbursement
    • COE Masters Classes
    • School Visit Notice
    • Merit Presentation
    • First Cohort Class Photo
  • GVSU Charter Schools Summer Enrichment Camp
    • GVSU Camp Information Packet
    • Summer Camp Flyer
    • Summer Camp Reminder Information
  • Campus Visit Program
  • Art Prize Ed Days for GVSU Charter School Students
  • Curriculum Crafter

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The authorizer monitors its programs and services to measure effectiveness and to guide ongoing adjustments in delivery.

  • Stakeholder Feedback Diagnostic
  • Assessment Specialist NWEA MAP
    • NWEA-MAP LiveBinder GVSU Schools NWEA Gains
    • Sample MAP Winter Report
    • NWEA School Overview
    • Sample NWEA Gains Report
  • Reading Specialist EBLI Monitoring
    • EBLI Teacher Observation Form
    • EBLI Teacher Survey
    • EBLI University of Michigan Study
  • Comprehensive Performance Review
    • CPR Sample
    • CPR High School Sample
    • Board meeting agenda
  • School Information Performance Snapshots
  • Academic Grant
  • GVSU CSO Staff Meetings
    • GVSU Charter Schools Office Field Representative Meetings-School Report
    • GVSU Staff Meeting School Action Plan Report
    • GVSU Charter Schools Office Staff Meeting Specialist Reports

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The authorizer uses collaboration as an essential operating principle in the development and delivery of its services and programs.

  • Stakeholder Feedback Diagnostic
  • GVSU Charter Schools Office Bi Annual Principals’ Meetings
  • GVSU Charter Schools Office Board Symposium
  • GVSU Authorizer Workshop
  • CSO Staff Meetings/Specialized Reports
  • CSO Field Rep Meetings/School Reports
  • GVSU Charter Schools Office Committee Meetings
  • GVSU Charter Schools Office Field Service Reps School Assignments
  • Board Governance Oversight (BGOS)
  • GVSU Charter Schools Office Strategic Planning Process
  • GVSU Charter Schools Office Personnel Training/School Curriculum/Expeditionary Learning 2014
  • GVSU Charter Schools Office Personnel Training/School Curriculum/Expeditionary Learning 2012
  • NWEA EBLI Comparison Two Year Summary
  • Assessment and Reading Specialist Book Study Calendar

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All authorizer staff members participate in a continuous program of professional learning.

  • GVSU Performance Development Program (ePDP)
  • Roster of GVSU CSO Staff Professional Development/Presentations
  • EpiCenter Training
  • Roster of Internal Professional Development Activities since 2012
  • Team Building
  • Continued Education Tuition Waiver for GVSU Staff

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The authorizer’s support services are targeted to meet the identified needs of its authorized schools.

  • Stakeholder Feedback Diagnostic
  • GVSU CSO Reading Specialist Services and Programs
  • GVSU CSO Assessment Specialist Services
    • Sample NWEA 201 & 301 Custom Training
    • School Principal Feedback on Custom Training
  • Non Violent Crisis Intervention Training
  • New School Board Training Year One
    • Board Training Curriculum
    • Annual Board Meeting
    • Introduction Meeting Eagles Nest Academy
    • Organizational Meeting Eagles Nest Academy
    • Board Governance Overview Eagles Nest Academy
  • GVSU CSO Field Service Representatives Customized Training for School Boards
    • Community Engagement
    • Goal Setting/Planning
    • Marketing Training
    • Open Meetings Act
    • School Finance
    • Student Discipline
  • GVSU Masters of Education Tuition Reimbursement Program
    • COE Masters Program Presentation
    • COE Masters Program
  • Specialist Consultation Assistance to GVSU Authorized Charter Schools
    • Faxon Emails
    • Faxon work with Kathy Walcott Outcomes
    • Faxon Invoice
    • Northview Public Schools Visit for Student Responsibility Center hosted for NHA schools
  • Facility Reviews of GVSU Authorized Charter Schools
  • School Closure Assistance
  • Learning Styles Inventory | Campus Visits | Art Prize Education Days for GVSU Charter School Students
    • Stakeholder Diagnostic Feedback
  • Covenant House EBLI training with GVSU football players
  • Principal Mentoring Program
  • GVSU Masters of Education Tuition Reimbursement Program

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