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Looking for your school's data? You've come to the right place.

GVSU gathers and calculates data on your school's student performance, which includes annual MEAP results as well as student growth measures from the NWEA MAP test.

You can also find averages from the State of Michigan and GVSUs portfolio of charter schools. In addition, GVSU reports data on your organizational performance, which will include financial reports, the audits of your schools personnel files, and board attendance. All this and more is accessible through the password-protected Board Portal.

Enter your school's login name and password to enter the site. If you don't know your school's login name and password or need assistance with finding the information you need, call the GVSU Charter Schools Office at (616) 331-2240.


* When incorrect credentials are entered or after logging out of Board Portal you will be redirected to Protected Files Login page, you can go back to the Board Portal login page through the side navigation or from the Board Portal Toolbox icon on the home page.

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Page last modified October 19, 2012