Prerequisite courses for M.S.


Prerequisite Courses for the M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology:

These courses, or equivalent courses taken at other institutions, are required prerequisites that must be completed prior to beginning the graduate program in speech-language pathology.  All of the coursework need not be completed prior to applying for admission, but the applicant must have a plan for completion of all prerequisites prior to initiation of the graduate program. 

Courses taken at other institutions may be titled something different than the GVSU equivalent.  In such cases, a review of course syllabi may be undertaken to ensure that the relevant content has been covered. 

Those interested in completing these prerequisite courses are provided with two options:  a traditional track and a fast track.  

TRADITIONAL: The traditional track is designed for current GVSU undergraduate students or students transferring from another institution as sophomores or juniors and plan to study speech-language pathology or audiology at the graduate level.  These students will declare a major in Allied Health Sciences with the Emphasis in Speech-Language Pathology.  This track typically requires two academic years to complete as a full-time student (longer if part-time).  Additional information on this track can be found by following the tab to the left labeled "Undergraduate Programs" and then clicking on "Speech-Language Pathology."

FAST:  The fast track is designed for individuals who already hold a bachelor's degree in a field of study other than communication disorders, or for individuals in their senior year at GVSU who have adequate credits and have completed all major requirements (whether AHS or other).  This track typically requires one year (Fall, Winter, 6-week spring session) to complete as a full-time student (longer if part-time).  The curriculum is the same as for the traditional track, but is sequenced for rapid completion.

Individuals interested in either the traditional or fast track must be admitted to the university and apply to the program in order to enroll in coursework.  See links on the website's Welcome to CSD. page.

Page last modified September 10, 2015