Au.D. - Doctor of Audiology

As we progress toward the availability of the Doctor of Audiology program we want to provide you with key information. This program is not yet available but we will update our site to reflect a start up date.

The Proposal

The proposed Doctor of Audiology program will prepare students to realize their life goals by providing the knowledge base, clinical skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills, and compassion for persons with communication disorders, particularly those with hearing loss, that are necessary for success as an audiologist and as a contributing member of society.

The graduate Audiology program will rely on listening, reading, and writing skills and the ability of students to think critically to successfully complete the program and become valued practitioners. In addition, the student who can connect with others in a meaningful way will not only be successful as a student but also as a professional.

These attitudes and skills will strengthen students abilities to evaluate, treat, and advocate for those with hearing loss. Students who graduate from this program will be eligible for Michigan state licensure and will have met the academic requirements for national certification in Audiology. By actively participating in academic coursework, clinical practicum, a research experience, and community service, the students will engage the core values of GVSU and become life-long advocates for their patients, active in their community, and leaders in their profession.

Page last modified March 14, 2014