2013-14 Strategic Plan

SLP Strategic Plan as aligned with the College Plan

To prepare excellent students to become exceptional speech-language pathologists who positively impact their profession, communities, and clients



College objective(s)

SLP objective(s)





Responsible Person/Group


Obj 1.4

By 2012, Policies for promoting and earning tenure for graduate and undergraduate faculty will be defined and implemented

Departmental-specific policies and guidelines for promotion and tenure will be defined and implemented

Approval of policies and guidelines. Faculty meeting minutes.

Draft policies and guidelines for faculty discussion and modification.  Determine how interfaces with college point system

Other CHP departmental policies and guidelines.

SLP faculty

Dec 31, 2013

Obj 1.6

Obj 4.2

Obj 4.4

Through 2015, as a result of thoughtful, comprehensive analysis of both the benefits and costs to the unit and university community, seek accreditation for all current unaccredited graduate and undergraduate programs as determined appropriate.

Obtain Candidacy accreditation status for 1) M.S. in SLP, and 2) Doctor of Audiology

Application for Candidacy to CAA.  Site visit.

Submission of application, completion of site visit

Application for SLP program submitted Oct 5, 2012

Program Director, SLP faculty

SLP: Application submitted. Accreditation by August 15, 2013

AUD: July 1, 2013

Obj 1.8

By 2015, the college develops strategy by which all programs will be engaged in inter-professional education, scholarship, and service.

SLP faculty are engaged and active in interprofessional teaching, scholarship and service

Curriculum reflects opportunities for interprofessional experiences for students

Attend  Inter-professional Education Workshops


Seek opportunities  with other programs for providing expanded learning experiences  for students

Approved curriculum for M.S. in SLP includes course in Interprofessional Education


SLP faculty

Dec 31, 2014

Obj 2.4

Through 2015, keep secondary admit programs at capacity with well-qualified students.

Increase capacity of SLP emphasis/major to 90.  Initiate ASL emphasis

Track number of students enrolled in emphasis/major courses

Improve visibility on website, visit classes with potential to recruit additional students, attend and present at student career fairs

53 students admitted in 2012.

SLP faculty

SLP: Dec 1, 2013


ASL: Dec 1, 2014

Sub-obj. 4.7.1

Through 2015, as the need for new and/or revised UG and/or Grad programs and degrees is established, initiate the process required to the curricular offerings to the university and secure accreditation for these, as appropriate.

Approval and implementation of the following programs:

·   M.S. in SLP

·   Au.D. in Audiology

·   Major in SLP

·   Emphasis in ASL

·   SLPA B.S.


Approval of accreditation for:

·   M.S. in SLP

·   Au.D.

Catalog entry of new programs


Favorable accreditation reviews and decisions

Develop program proposals and shepherd through approval processes.

M.S. in SLP approved.


Emphasis in ASL is in the approval process.

SLP faculty

·   M.S.: Implement in Fall 2013

·   Au.D.: Proposal in 2013. Implement in Fall 2014

·   Major: Propose 2013. Implement Fall 2014

·   ASL: Implement in Fall 2013

·   SLPA: Propose in 2014. Implement in Fall 2015

Obj. 5.3

Sub-obj. 5.3.1

By 2015, teaching and learning spaces are enhanced to support new pedagogies

SLP teaching areas secured and designed to provide quality instruction for SLP, AUD, and ASL students

Number of new teaching areas

Participate in advanced planning of new Health Professions building across expressway.


Participate in design of new temporary spaces in and around CHS for new programs

Office space in MIC 515. 


Teaching lab in CHS 455

Dean, SLP faculty



By 2012, CHP will implement a Faculty Development Committee for the mentoring of new and current faculty in teaching, scholarship, and service.

Develop and implement a mentoring process to advocate fro new and existing faculty, assisting them to move towards tenure and/or promotion.


Promote diversity within students and faculty by recruiting and retaining:

·     First generation and other diverse students

·     Diverse faculty


All faculty/staff will attend at least one professional development opportunity annually

Process for mentoring/facilitating advancement


Strategies for encouraging diversity


Funding for travel



Develop a process for mentoring new and existing faculty


Identify strategies for diversity


Secure funding for professional development opportunities

No current consistent faculty development mentoring

Dean, CHS Faculty Development Committee, Program Director, SLP faculty

Dec 1, 2013

Obj. 6.1

Obj 1.14

Through 2015, sustain or exceed current pass rate on professional certification exams.

100% of students will pass the state and national examinations and qualify for state and national credentials for both the M.S. in SLP and the AuD programs

Pass rates on state and national examinations

Support faculty participation in national exam so as to better prepare our students.


Hire outstanding faculty with strong academic and clinical credentials.


Program Director, SLP faculty

Dec 1, 2014

Obj 8.2


Through 2015, maintain and improve current community partnerships


Develop new community partnerships as needed by program growth

Maintain and grow the clinical affiliations locally and nationally, with a particular focus upon western and northern Michigan


Operate and staff specialty clinics in:

·       AAC

·       Voice

·       Hearing

·       Listening Lab

Number of clinical affiliations


Dates and locations of specialty clinics

Monitor need for clinical affiliations, and recruiting new affiliations

Affiliation agreements

Clinical Coordinator, Program Director, SLP faculty

Dec 31, 2013

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