Faculty Scholarly Course Reassignment Program

The Faculty Scholarly Course Reassignment Program is a supplemental funding option of the Research Grant-In- Aid Fund. Please refer to the Research Grant-In-Aid Program for proposal preparation guidelines. 


Proposal Guidelines and Format


Letter of Support

Funding Limitations

Suggested Timeline

Funding Cycles


Review Process


Purpose: As part of their Faculty Workload Plan, faculty may choose to make their Significant Focus teaching, or they may ask for a one course reassigned time to conduct scholarship or to provide significant service. The purpose of the Faculty Scholarly Course Reassignment is to assist faculty in establishing programs of research, scholarly, and creative activity by providing financial support for one additional course reassignment to help fulfill the demands of unusually time-intensive projects. 


Eligibility: Proposals are accepted from tenured or tenure-track faculty members on continuing appointment.

Given equally meritorious applications, preference will be given to individuals who have not received prior funding under this program (particularly within the past two years) and those individuals that are actively disseminating their work or seeking alternative sources (particularly external sources) of support.

Any previous grants must be closed and the final report sent into CSCE before current submissions will be considered. Only one proposal per review cycle may be submitted. 


Funding Limitations: The Research and Development Committee will consider requests by the applicant to provide support for a one course time reassignment in order to help fulfill the proposed project’s goals. This support will be in the form of a $3000 compensation made to the faculty member’s department, through the Dean’s office, to support the cost of a replacement instructor to cover one course, or similar responsibilities, normally performed by the applicant. Please note that these compensatory funds are highly competitive and are given in recognition of research proposals of superior quality.


Funding Cycles: The application for the Faculty Scholarly Course Reassignment funds are to be submitted in conjunction with the Faculty Grant-in-Aid applications.

October 1 (award notification by October 30) – Granting period 11/1 - 10/30                         March 1 (award notification by March 30) – Granting period 4/1 - 3/31 


Review Process: Faculty Scholarly Course Reassignment proposals have the same criteria and are awarded by the same competitive review process as Faculty Grant-in-Aid proposals. 


Proposal Guidelines and Format: The format for the proposal is almost the same as for the Grant-in-Aid proposal but with one notable exception. If you plan to apply for the course reassignment funding, you must select the appropriate box on the application form, specify the semester or academic session for that this activity, and provide justification on the provided page. The justification should address why the one course reassignment time is necessary for the successful completion of the proposed project. In addition, the applicant should briefly discuss how the extra time will be used, as well as the expected demonstrable outcome of the project, such as a book, manuscript, creative performance, conference presentation, external grant proposal, etc. As this one course reassigned time will be supported by the applicant’s Unit and College, it will be reflected on the Workload Plan and/or Faculty Activity Report. 


Letter of Support: For the Faculty Scholarly Course Reassignment, the department chair’s letter of support is especially important. In the support letter, it is essential for the chair to acknowledge that they fully support the application for a one course reassignment and will make the necessary arrangements to cover the faculty member’s course. A “Letter of Support Template” is available on our website. This letter should be sent to the PI to upload with the grant. 


Suggested Timeline: Significant planning is required by your department to support your application. It is important that you notify your department chair and dean well in advance of the grant application deadline. Without their approval the Research and Development Committee cannot grant reassignment. Below is a recommended timeline for your preparation.

One month prior to the grant deadline – contact your department chair and dean indicating that you will be applying to the CSCE Faculty Scholarly Course Reassignment Program. In the email attach the proposal abstract, the timeline for your project, and the unithead letter of recommendation template.

Two weeks prior to the grant deadline – share your proposal with your colleagues and ask for feedback. This is a good opportunity to remind your department chair about their letter of recommendation. 



Why was the Faculty Scholarly Course Reassignment Program started?

When prompted for the most significant factor that hinders faculty from completing scholarly activities, faculty feedback has consistently indicated that “time” would help them the most with their projects. Therefore, funds that would support the one course reassigned time will hopefully provide critical support in enhancing faculty scholarship. In addition, while more faculty are working under 12 month contracts, this Program should allow for the eligibility of almost all tenured and tenure-track faculty.

Do I need to submit a separate proposal for the Faculty Scholarly Course Reassignment Program?

No. If you are submitting a Faculty Research Grant-in-Aid, then you will just have to select the appropriate box on the application form, specify the semester or academic session for that reassignment, and provide justification on the supplied page.

Do I need to report the reassigned time on the Faculty Activity Report?

Yes. The extra time for the proposed project is accountable by normal University standards.

Is the funding level a variable amount?

No. The department will be compensated with $3000 for every awarded Faculty Scholarly Course Reassignment.

If the unit head is not supportive of the Faculty Scholarly Course Reassignment proposal, is it still possible to obtain?

No. The applicant’s department is directly involved in the process, and therefore must be completely supportive.

With my normal appointment being a 9-month schedule, can I apply for a one course reassignment in the summer?

No. The course reassignment time must occur during the faculty member’s normal appointment.

If my Faculty Scholarly Course Reassignment proposal is denied, can I still be awarded a Research Grant – in-Aid?

Possibly. If your proposal was recommended for funding due to its merit, but the course reassignment was only denied due to lack of departmental or College support, then you still could be awarded the Research Grant-in-Aid. 


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