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"The GVSU CSAL program has helped me define who I aspire to be professionally. During my undergraduate years, no one took the time to help me understand all the resources on a college campus. When I was admitted to GVSU's CSAL program I was immediately transformed by my surroundings; I was finally getting the professional exposure that I needed to succeed. GVSU's CSAL program has allowed me to shape my experience into what I wanted it to be. I am happy to be here and more confident about starting a career after I graduate." - 

Dar Johnson
CSAL Class of 2009

"One of the best features of the CSAL program is the opportunity to participate in experiential learning. Through concrete experiences such as my full time assistantship and both my summer and fall internships, I have exponentially expanded my understanding of the field of student affairs. Each of these positions has given me the opportunity to meet individually with undergraduate students and allowed me the autonomy to work independently on various projects. I feel a true sense of pride in what I have accomplished. I look forward to continuing to apply the knowledge and skills I have learned throughout the CSAL program, both within and outside of the classroom, to my future work in higher education."

Megan Riksen
CSAL Class of 2009

"The CSAL curriculum, the personal attention you receive from the faculty, your assistantship and practicum experience all give you the tools you need to be a successful college administrator. Whether you're in residence life, student activities, admissions or you make the jump to other areas of higher education like alumni and development, you will be prepared to make a difference. You learn about your strengths and opportunities in areas like communication, conflict resolution, leadership, research and personnel management and you also learn how to develop and adapt your own leadership philosophy to meet the needs of the ever-changing world of higher education.

My CSAL experience showed me the true value of servant leadership and the transformative power of student engagement. The program pushed me to work harder to make a difference in the lives of others. I'm proud to be an alumnus of the CSAL Program at Grand Valley State University."

Adrian Aldrich
CSAL Class of 2004

"I came to GVSU in 2000 from North Carolina, where I am from originally and had worked for a year, professionally at a small college. It was wonderful to get to know a truly diverse cohort from all over country, as well as this up and coming university in the Midwest. I never felt that the program prepared you for one particular career path in higher education. We really got to learn about the experiences we were all having in our assistantships, we left prepared for any opportunity. The faculty is wonderful, individuals who care about you personally, and who have also led a remarkable career in higher education. It would be hard to sum up how proud I am to be a product of this program and CSAL."

Jody Gore
CSAL Class of 2002

"I was well prepared to be a higher education administrator because of completing my master's degree in the CSAL program at GVSU. Upon entering the job market, I felt well prepared to serve students and my institution due to the balance between practical and theoretical learning. Both inside and outside the classroom, faculty and student affairs administrators were intentional in my learning and purposeful in my professional development. Not only did the CSAL program prepare me to be an effective leader, but it also provided me with a solid foundation in my doctoral studies program. Although I graduated over 10 years ago, I continue to maintain meaningful relationships with several GVSU alumni, faculty, and student affairs administrators who continue to provide me with professional guidance, support, mentoring, and friendship."

Chuck Lepper
CSAL Class of 1998