These graduate assistantships are held by students in the graduate College of Education, College Student Affairs Leadership (CSAL) emphasis. 

There are dual application process that are required when applying for CSAL graduate assistantships:
1.  Apply for admission to the College of Education
2. Apply for CSAL Graduate Assistantships

CSAL Graduate Assistantship Requirements:
Each Graduate Assistantship requires a baccalaureate degree and admission to the College of Education M.Ed. program. Students pursue the Adult & Higher Education degree with an emphasis in College Student Affairs Leadership (CSAL). Grad assistants work 20 hours per week from around the beginning of August through May.

Award Process
While the Dean of Students Office coordinates the application process, all decisions to offer Graduate Assistantships are made by the staff in each office that sponsors an assistantship. Typically, these decisions are made by April 1.

To apply for a Graduate Assistantship submit the following through the online graduate assistantship application site:

1. Resume;

2. Names and contact information of three references; and

3. Statement of Intent. Please submit a two to three page statement which addresses the reasons you are interested in the student affairs profession and graduate study in the CSAL program. This statement should also address the skills and experience you will bring to not only a graduate assistantship but also to the academic program.

If you have any questions about the graduate assistantship application process or about the positions posted below, contact:

Aaron Haight
Director of Judicial and Special Programs


July 28, 2014 through May 23, 2015

  • Graduate Assistants work 20 hours per week
  • The stipend for Graduate Assistants is $9,000 for a 10-month appointment in non-housing departments.
  • For Graduate Assistants in Housing and Residence Life, the stipend is $6,000 for a 10-month appointment plus housing accommodation and meal plan.
  • Graduate assistantships include a tuition waiver which covers up to 21 graduate credit hours per year (in-state or out-of-state).
  • Parking permit.

Housing and Residence Life - Assistant Living Center Director - offers pending



August 18, 2014 - April 25, 2015

  • Graduate Assistants work 20 hours per week.
  • The stipend for Graduate Assistants is $4,000 per semester
  • Tuition credit for up to 18 graduate credits per year

Currently there are no positions available.


Please visit the Graduate Studies website for other graduate assistantship openings:



Assistant Living Center Directors are half-time, graduate assistant positions responsible for sharing and/or providing the administrative leadership of a residential area housing 200 to 700 students. The assistantship position connects the academic experience by applying classroom theoretical and research practices to daily student interactions that consist of advising, counseling, conflict mediation, supervision, training, evaluation and assessment processes. Graduate Assistants report directly to a full time, master’s level professional staff member.


  • Education Requirements:
    • BA/BS required & acceptance to the GVSU Master of Education Program with an emphasis in College Student Affairs Leadership.
  • Core Competencies:
    • Individuals should demonstrate critical thinking skills and the ability to balance personal, academic, and work life in a healthy fashion.
  • Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Attitudes:
    • Ability to handle multiple tasks, work on an individual level and in a team setting and demonstrate excellent communication skills.


  • Support university, division, and department mission, vision, and values
  • Participate in university, division, and department student retention and persistence activities including MAP-Works and Learning Skills Seminar instruction
  • Participate in university, division, and department initiatives related to the GVSU Four Year Blueprint for Student Success and Association of American Colleges and Universities LEAP High Impact Practices.
  • Teach and apply classroom theoretical and research practices to student interactions and administration
  • Collaborate in the creation and implementation of a Community Development Plan, which includes mission statements, learning outcomes, goals, programming calendars, and assessment
  • Assist in recruitment, selection, training, and assessment of student, graduate, and professional staff
  • Manage and supervise a community front desk that provides customer service to residential students
  • Supervise student staff including Desk and Resident Assistants
  • Primary advisor to residential Community Council, a student organization
  • Assist in occupancy and facility management
  • Provide residential education and student development utilizing mediation, conflict resolution, disciplinary meetings, educational sanctioning, and appropriate referrals
  • Serve on residential crisis response team
  • Oversee residential program planning and assessment that enhances student learning and academic success
  • Implement department and campus initiatives through meeting and committee involvement
  • Planning, participating, and presenting at local, regional, and national professional/student organizations, conferences, and seminars

Graduate Assistants have the opportunity to develop and gain skills in the competency areas of administration, advising, counseling, consultation, assessment, communication, diversity/inclusion, ethics, leadership, research, sustainability, technology, theoretical foundations, and transitions/wellness.

It is the goal of the Department of Housing and Residence Life to hire staff that is committed to increasing their knowledge, experience, appreciation, and respect for cultures, issues, and local, regional and global communities. We strive to develop a community that facilitates interaction among students, faculty and staff of diverse traditions, abilities, sexual orientations, religious and spiritual convictions, socio-economic status, and racial and ethnic origins. We strongly encourage applications from individuals who are committed to the ongoing development of intercultural understanding and awareness.