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AHS 692: CRTM Practicum Requirements


Students are required to identify and select the clinical trial site at which they will complete the CRTM practicum. This includes contacting the site and identifying a mentor/preceptor that is willing to work with the student for the time period of the practicum. As credentialing of the new site takes a minimum of 6-8 weeks, students are encouraged to search out sites at the beginning of the semester that precedes the practicum.

The faculty will assist students as much as possible and will facilitate communication of practicum requirements and expectations to the respective site mentors/preceptors.

For a successful practicum experience it is imperative that an appropriate site is selected early and that the GVSU CRTM program is notified as soon as the selection has occurred.


Health Compliance Requirements to be completed by Student (may vary from State to State)

  • Background check
  • Drug Screen
  • Updated TB skin test; full immunization, including but not limited to Tetanus, Flu vaccine, these items can cost students up to $200-400 to complete depending on what site requires and student status regarding these requirements
  • Students will have to enroll in the Health Compliance Program at GVSU to track the completion of these requirements; Please contact Warren Olson at or (616) 331-5867 for more information about the Health Compliance Program

Completion of these items takes about 4 weeks (but can take longer depending on what needs to be done).

Site affiliation agreement to be completed by GVSU (once student has site selected)

  • Needs to be established for new sites and will be completed by GVSU after site has been selected by student

Completion of this requirement takes approximately 6 weeks (but can take longer, depending on the site).


Please, do not hesitate to contact the CRTM program director, Dr. Reinhold at (616) 331 5989 or with any questions you may have regarding the practicum (AHS 692).