Community Outreach Week

Questions for Potential Volunteer Agencies

Here are some questions that project leaders may consider asking a potential volunteer agency:
  • Are group projects available at you organization?
  • What size of group can your organization accommodate? (projects that can accommodate 8-25 volunteers are ideal)
  • If they don't have projects available on their site, could something be done at another location instead?
  • Does your organization have volunteer projects available during March 21-28, 2015?
  • What days/times can we volunteer? (typically Saturdays or evenings work best for Grand Valley alums)
  • What is the contact information for the organization?
  • Who is the volunteer coordinator and how can they be reached?
  • Can you forward a written description of project(s) and of your organization?
  • Would the project require special accommodations (special gear or tools, is a waiver required, would the type of work limit any alums from taking part, etc.)?

Page last modified April 3, 2014